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A daily balm that deeply nourishes the skin with antioxidants, soothing micronutrients, and amino acids to promote a healthy lifestyle. Containing zero alcohol or parabens, this balm is vet approved to moisturize your pets skin and boost their immune system.


Core Ingredients:

  • Lavender Oil: A soothing fragrant oil that also eases separation anxiety and motion sickness, reduces inflammation, relieves itchy skin, and acts as a natural bug repellant.
  • Carrot Seed Oil: An anti-inflammatory that helps hydrate dry and flaky skin, and promotes deep tissue regeneration and natural exfoliation for healthy paws.
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C, this oil is highly moisturizing and provides anti-itch protection.
  • Vitamin E: Proven to increase the shine of a dogs coat, improve the immune system, improve eyesight, improve muscular function, and prevent cardiovascular disease.


Full list of ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Shea Butter*, Rice Bran Wax*, Vitamin E*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil, and Rose Hip Seed Oil.



Direction: Rub the balm in a circular motion with your finger to warm up the balm. The balm will then start to form onto your fingertip. Rub directly into paw until evenly blended. All balms are edible and safe if licked. Use once daily per paw. Keep stored at room temperature (about 21°C/70°F).

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Connie L.
No more dry paws!

I cannot recommend this paw balm enough! We recently noticed that our puppy's paws were quite dry after taking her out on walks (the warm and dusty asphalt will do that!). Looking for a natural solution, I stumbled upon Tanuki's Nourish balm. To test out the balm, I intentionally only applied it onto one of my puppy's paws to observe any difference. After one application, I noticed an immediate difference in how soft and moisturized my puppy's paw was! I also felt great knowing that the natural formula was safe enough for my puppy to lick. One last benefit of this balm is that it actually smells sooo good, like an expensive body lotion! I caught myself sniffing my hands a couple of times after applying the balm on my puppy. Maybe it's time to pick one up for myself.. :)

Elton C.
United States United States
Not only great for paws!

My dog Ahri suffers from a lot of chaffing around her armpits and the Nourish product has been working wonders on it over the last few days. I usually use Vaseline but decide to see how this product would work instead. Noticeably smoother skin in the target area and knowing how this product is all natural, I feel safer about her licking any excess off compared to Vaseline.

Amy L.
Canada Canada
Love it!

The balm was super easy to apply with minimal scents, and the pupper's paws were noticeably smoother and soft after a week of consistent use. Love that it's all natural and I felt comfortable using it on my fur baby.