New Puppy Checklist - 10 Recommended Items

New Puppy Checklist - 10 Recommended Items

You have begged, negotiated and did A LOT of convincing and voila you now own a new adorable puppy!

The question is now what?

How do you properly prepare to take care of this little puppy?

Taking care of your puppy begins even before you come back to your furever home. Make sure your place is stocked with all the right items so the transition for your pup is as seamless as possible.

Team TANUKI is here with a few quick ones to help you get started.

  • Crate: Choose a crate the right size for your puppy. Ensure that it is not too big or it will be hard to train your puppy especially to potty train. A right size crate ensures your puppy is aware that it needs to come out in order to potty and not have to sit in its own fluids.
  • Puppy food: What goes in your puppy is critical to ensure it has strong health. First figure out what kind of diet you want your pet to be on: i) kibble; ii) wet food; iii) raw dog food; iv) freeze-dried & dehydrated
  • Dog food and water dish: Your puppy will need something to eat on pick between plastic, ceramic, steel, weighted to mention a few.
  • Puppy treats: Puppy treats can come in super handy for training. Use this opportunity to test some treat types to see what your puppy likes. Just make sure they are small and chewable.
  • Walking gear: It is critical for your puppy to have a leash and collar especially as they set onto the new world. This is a great opportunity to train them early good behavior. A harness can also help teach your puppy not to pull on the leash early while also protecting their neck.
  • Poop bags: Now being stranded without a poop bag is a messy situation, literally. Try buying bags in bulk to save you the awkwardness of being in a situation without one. Compostable is highly recommended to help play a role in saving our environment.
  • Puppy training pads: Training pads can be a good first step to save your pressure floors and carpets at the start of potty training.
  • Chew toys: Your puppy will eventually teeth and need something to chew on. Stock up on some durable chew toys and just be mindful of the ingredients incase your puppy ingests any part of it.

Now comes the fun stuff, that can really prevent veterinarian visits in the future What we love pet care!

  • Wet wipes: Get your puppy in the habit of you touching their paws. After each walk, use wet wipes to clean their paws to remove any dirt or residue.
  • Dog brush: There are two items here! One for your puppy's fur coat and one for their teeth. Get in the habit of brushing their coat at least once a week to avoid tangles and reduces shedding. Proper oral care not from a young age can improve the help of their teeth and most importantly prevent bad breath.
  • Paw balms: Our local vets have told us that paw health is one of the top five reasons dogs come in for a visit. Try and get ahead of issues such as interdigital dermatitis (irritation and bleeding between the webbing of the paws) and dryness leading to severe cracks in the paws by applying a daily paw moisturizer. Your TANUKI family has your covered here with our paw balm selection made just for you. Check out Nourish or Mend

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