Benefits of Lavender Oil For Pets

Are essential oils safe for my dog? A question that might seem like a simple yes or no has various levels of complexity.

Lavender essential oils seem to be one of those oils that seem to be included in various pet care products. We at TANUKI decided to dive a bit deeper to understand the benefits and risks of lavender by speaking to some local vets complimented with desktop research.

Disclaimer: Please speak to your local vet before experimenting with any essential oils including lavender and/or ensure the products used are vet approved (like our balms!)

Looking at the lavender plant it contains a small amount of a compound called linalool. Linalool at high concentrations CAN be toxic to pets. However the linalool in typical lavender plants are at small concentrations but owners should ensure their pets do not consume high quantities of lavender for this reason. Symptoms of too much lavender consumption or linalool poisoning would be vomiting, constipation, swelling across the body, reduced appetite and fever. If you do see any of these symptoms please take your pet to your veterinarian immediately.

Now you know the severity of the risks, what are the benefits and is it worth it?

There are three key benefits we would like to cover through our research speaking to vets and formulating process we discovered.

  1. Reducing Anxiety: Yes, its not only us humans that can feel high-levels of anxiety especially during those Sunday Scaries. Many pets feel anxiety and similar to how many humans use lavender to help them sleep and in aromatherapy, pets feels similar calming benefits through topical application. This can also help in many cases for pets that have a bit of separation anxiety when their humans step out for a bit.
  2. Insect Repellent / Anti-bacterial: Our pets unfortunately don’t have the flexibility to swat away at those pesky bugs especially mosquitos over the summer seasons. Lavender acts as a natural insect repellent to keep those bugs away and can also act as an anti-bacterial remedy for existing bites.
  3. Alleviating Itchy and Inflammation: Itchy skin and inflammation can happen for a number of reasons. Lavender has natural soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits that can help your pet whether its due to allergies from stepping on certain surfaces on walks or through seasonal debris in the air. This is why we include lavender oil as a key ingredient in our Nourish paw balm.

We are two paws up when it comes to lavender which is why it an essential (pun intended) ingredient in our Nourish paw balm. Check it out and the other 100% natural and edible ingredients we use to bring comfort and long-term care to your furry friends – TANUKI ingredients list.

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